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Five updated products in the IBM CICS Tools V5.2 family combine together to increase the value of CICS TS V5.2. They improve the operational efficiency and service agility of the systems of record that power much of modern business. CICS Tools enable development, systems, and operational teams to adopt a collaborative, DevOps approach, by working together to plan, design, build, test, deploy, manage, and optimize CICS applications and infrastructure. CICS Tools V5.2 support the new features, resources, options, and metrics in CICS TS V5.2. With CICS V5.2, it is now quicker and easier than ever to build mobile-enabled applications and deploy them in a CICS cloud…

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The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Starter System for System z is now available to mainframe customers to simplify SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for System z installation and startup. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z is optimized for the IBM System z architecture and is the No. 1 Linux installed on those mainframes. Even with little or no Linux or z/VM experience, customers can install SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Starter System for System z and take advantage of the combined solution's benefits of consolidating servers and virtualizing Linux, UNIX and Windows workloads.

“Installing Linux on a mainframe is different from installing Linux on an x86 server,” said Meike Chabowski, product marketing manager for enterprise Linux servers at SUSE®. “The Starter System for System z makes installation quicker and easier, and customers can get a headstart on their mainframe Linux proof-of-concepts with existing IT skills.”

The Starter System is a pre-built installation server for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z that can be installed on a z/VM system using Conversational Monitor System (CMS) tools. It eliminates the need for coordinating access to a separate Linux or UNIX system elsewhere on the network and minimizes the impact of network-based installation on internal and external networks.

For more information or to get a free download of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Starter System for System z, visit

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With more than 55 percent of complex enterprise applications calling upon the mainframe to complete transactions, companies must maintain outstanding application performance to meet end-user demands, or risk extinction. The rise in use of sophisticated application performance management and fault management solutions that proactively identify problems reflects this reality. However, correctly pinpointing the cause and source of a problem is only the first step. Once Operations or QA identifies and characterizes the problem, they typically hand it over to Development to resolve…

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